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athlete training

Each session begins with our warm-up, stretching, and activation exercises every work out of every day. That is non negotiable. With everything that we do, we care most about form and technique than anything else. We make sure that our athletes and clients are lifting the “correct” weight for their ability and performing each exercise, movement and drill properly that allows them to maintain correct foot placement and body control. By incorporating all of these aspects daily, individuals will see consistent gains through their program. 

On the nutrition level, we teach our athletes and clients how to eat smarter to handle all the training, practices, games, and life activities they are encountering throughout their season. 


Our recovery protocols help with any tweaks or soreness so that athletes can maintain optimal performance. We also incorporate preventative measures such personal stretching sessions, and Normatec technology sessions. By using these measures we limit athletes coming to us after an incident may occur during a drill, practice, or game. 

training programs


college level

Our college program is designed for athletes current or rising in collegiate athletics. We work with each athlete in completing their specific training program required by their individual school. We prepare each athlete for any lifting or conditioning tests that may be required. We make sure each athlete understands and performs each exercise with the right form, movements, and techniques.  

We have also been very successful in preparing our athletes with any and all conditioning tests. We make sure that the right methods and approaches are taken. We provide many opportunities for every athlete to perform their individual tests throughout the summer.  

Over 90% of our athletes pass their fitness tests on their first try. Not only do our athletes pass their fitness tests, they also earn valuable minutes as a freshman and a lot has to do with their conditioning shape physically and mentally. 


high school/ 
Middle school level

Our high school & middle school training programs are catered towards athletes between the ages of 14-18. This program is catered toward making the athlete, quicker, faster, stronger, & more explosive. We offer in-season and pre-season programs that are catered to the athlete’s needs and to enhance their overall performance while reaching personal goals.


u12 - u8 level

Our under 12 personal training is designed for athletes who are looking to work on their running mechanics, speed, agility, and overall strength. Our main focus with this age group is to build our athlete’s overall confidence. Whether the athlete is here to excel at their sport or here learn the basics of working out, we want them to leave here standing a little taller than when they first arrived!


Speed development

Our Speed Development sessions are for athletes at the youth, middle school and high school level. The program works to : 

  • Increase quickness & reaction ability

  • Enhance linear speed, lateral speed, hip mobility and conditioning

  • Utilized plyometrics to improve explosiveness and prevent injuries

  • Learn proper running techniques to enhance change of direction

  • Engage and strengthen core muscles for stability

  • Strength joints through flexibility, mobility, and stability exercises

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