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Our Mission

We have a motto that “we train the stars; we train everyone who wants to be one; and we train the spectators.” We feel that includes almost everyone. We have the ability to train all ages, all levels of ability, including small groups and teams regardless of the experience level. 


We have a positive approach to our training program where we will cater all the workouts to each person’s experience, athletic ability and strength level, after our first assessments upon meeting them.


We have been very successful in training clients and athletes from “head to toe and in-between the ears.” 


We cater our training philosophy to all levels of athletes with all levels of abilities for every sport or for their everyday lifestyle.  We give extra time. We give extra effort. We give extra care. Your goals become our goals and we work together to achieve them. Our program is unique and “life changing” for many who have taken the chance to participate in the “Rep Experience.’

Our team

Peter 'rep' reppas

Sports Performance Coach

Founder of Repertoire Fitness, 'Rep' began his career training professional athletes such as, NFL future Hall of Famer Julius Peppers of the Carolina Panthers, and retired star Randy Moss of the New England Patriots. He’s also trained many professional basketball players in the NBA and overseas.

Over the past 20 years as a personal trainer and performance coach, he’s traveled the world perfecting his training philosophy and developing a world-class training program.


 ‘Rep’ applies the same training philosophy that he uses with professional athletes to prepare college players to play professionally, and help high school athletes to reach their goals as well. Enthusiasm, energy, and the ability to educate clients are just some of the great traits that make ‘Rep’ and his clients so successful!


Alana Vecchiarello

Sports Performance Coach

As an athlete at Merrimack College, Alana's passion for fitness and helping people reach their goals was ignited. Alana has gone on to achieve Elite Trainer status and hasn’t stopped there!  She holds a Sports Medicine Degree and is certified in Strength & Conditioning, Sports Nutrition, Personal Training, & Indoor Cycling.

Alana helps our athletes understand the process and what it takes to increase their athleticism and reach their individual goals. Her clients are diverse in age and experience and she deftly applies her passion and knowledge of nutrition and fitness to create powerful programs that deliver effectively and uniquely to each client.

OUR athletes

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