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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Mental and performance training for athletes and adults


rep FItness

Our sports performance program focuses on increasing speed, agility, strength, explosiveness, quickness, flexibility, endurance, nutrition, pre-and-post injury prevention, recovery and regeneration, and confidence.


meet the team


peter 'rep' reppas

Alana Vecchiarello

Alana Vecchiarello and Peter ‘Rep’ Reppas, owners of Repertoire Fitness, developed a unique program and philosophy through many years of research and through their relationships with some of the finest trainers, athletes and coaches in the country.

elite 18

The Elite 18 training program is a celebration of what we feel is the best talent and the best up-coming talent on the North Shore under one roof, at one time, who want to take their talents to their next level.


The training and conditioning component will be training that will prepare you properly at your next level. There will be instructions and drilling in a small group setting to improve every facet of your game. We will find the best way to tap into your potential.


If you feel you have the desire, competitiveness, a strong work ethic and promising future - the Elite 18 program can help guide you to reach your goals.



Athlete training


team training


adult training


“RepFitness pushed me to be the best athlete I can be. They go the extra mile to help you.”

Emily nelson

UMass Lowell, Peabody High School

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